Alyssa Lang: Sprinkle a Little Fun On It

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful online entrepreneur, Alyssa Lang.

Alyssa, aka the Workflow Queen, teaches bookkeepers and accountants how to utilize tech and automation to create better workflows, systems and processes. As a result they can run their practices on autopilot, stress less and save time!

After being in the accounting world for five years, Alyssa struggled with streamlining her practice. She felt frustrated and nervous and couldn’t sleep at night not knowing where her client work would come from. She was overwhelmed by all the daily tasks, lost track of work and just couldn’t keep up.

Alyssa hit a wall and decided to make a change, so she started to automate her practice by creating workflows, systems and processes. She was then able to run her practice and take on more clients, scale and provide excellent service in the process!

These days Alyssa’s a full-time educator. She’s also an Asana Certified Pro and her courses and resources have helped hundreds of bookkeepers and accountants worldwide!

Fun fact: Alyssa’s a certified skydiver and has an obsession with great white sharks – eek!

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

2:09 – How Alyssa explains to friends and family what it is she does for a living
3:14 – What is project management and workflow?
4:20 – What is automation and why is it important in any business?
6:21 – Those “ah ha” moments people experience in Alyssa’s course
8:18 – How Alyssa gets her students to bust through their own roadblocks
12:09 – The Profit First formula
14:44 – When you always feel like you’re running behind
17:19 – Bartending, changing majors and an online bookkeeping business
23:01 – Hiring your first virtual assistant
24:17 – Alyssa loves contractors and needs an employee
30:31 – The difference between being a solopreneur and having your own business
36:25 – How do you get through those periods of imposter syndrome?
42:27 – How much money does Alyssa’s business really make?
46:24 – What’s next?
48:38 – Gina’s repurposing content strategy

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