Carrie Smith Nicholson: Focus on the What, Not the How

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful online entrepreneur, Carrie Smith Nicholson. Since 2011 Carrie has been a full-time blogger who started her business as a freelance writer and virtual assistant. She owns multiple niche websites, manages virtual teams for clients and co-hosts a travel podcast.

Carrie knows, inside and out, the productivity tips and systems it takes to launch, grow and succeed in today’s digital marketing world.

In 2018 she sold her finance blog,, for nearly six figures. She details the process in her book, The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Blog: How to Sell Your Blog for Six Figures and Be Your Own Broker, which is available on Amazon.

Fun fact: Carrie is a super computer game nerd and sometimes says things as if she’s typing them in a game – people have no idea what she’s actually saying!

Why should YOU tune-in?

From personal finance to travel and essential oils, this rockstar knows everything there is to know about creating, buying and selling a blog. Listen in as she shares experiences and advice about how you can start your own successful online business.

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

1:44 – How Carrie and Gina first met
5:20 – How long has it been since you owned and operated your website?
5:59 – Why did you start in 2010 and what came first, the side hustle or the blog?
7:34 – Did you have any experience in personal finance?
8:20 – The Profit First formula
11:38 – At what point did this personal blog turn into a business?
14:04 – The first dollar from CarefulCents that wasn’t correlated with freelance writing
17:10 – The tavel niche got hit hard by COVID
20:12 – What did the process look like when it came to selling your blog?
27:40 – All the blogs and businesses Carrie owns
33:55 – What’s next for Carrie
39:31 – Essential oils
41:33 – Where Carrie bought her latest site
42:59 – Why Carrie decided to buy a site instead of starting from scratch
46:47 – Carrie’s ideal clients and how she helps them
51:41 – Carrie’s one piece of advice

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