Donna Burch-Brown: Taking Back Control

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Show Notes:

We got the opportunity to chat with Donna, a Virtual Assistant and a student of our #FullyBookedVA System! Donna is a passionate, hard-working, dedicated professional who enjoys helping business owners succeed. She has many years of experience in the creative industry, which has helped her sharpen her skills in problem-solving, project management, quality communication and has made her keen on the details.

Fun Fact: Donna is a first-generation American on her mother’s side.

Why should YOU tune-in?

Have you ever wanted to change careers but really haven’t figured out how or what? Have you been with your career for five, ten, or even twenty years and felt as though it’s too late to switch now? Donna gives us the deets on how she transitioned to owning her own online business after over 20 years in the same career.

Her business is growing and she’s loving every minute of it! Find out how she did it and where she’s going from here.

Time Stamp:

0:36 – Donna’s intro into the world of online business and landing her first clients
11:01 – A growing business and nowhere to go but up
17:42 – Gina coaches on marketing and prospecting clients
27:55 – There are so many tools out there – Gina’s take on which ones to learn

Links and Resources mentioned:

You can find Donna on LinkedIn.
The #FullyBooked VA System