Erika Schanzenbach: You Just Have to Start

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful online entrepreneur, Erika Schanzenbach.

Erika lives and works in the hills of southwest Virginia. She leaves her mark on the world by helping the creators, builders and makers of things do their work better.

She has a knack for DESIGN and ORGANIZATION that makes her a valuable partner to online business owners and high-caliber course creators who need quality branded course materials and lead magnets to serve their audience.

Fun fact: Erika is a pie contest winner. The making pie kind, not the eating pie kind.

Why should YOU tune-in?
Three years ago, Erika was introduced to Horkey HandBook and the world of online business. She didn’t decide to slowly build her business over time like so many people. Nope, she went from introduction to going all in and managed to quickly build a successful business. Listen in as she shares her experience.

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

3:01 – Learning experiences, not failure
5:31 – Erika chose niches that she didn’t even know you could get paid for
7:35 – How Erika came across the world of online work
11:28 – How long it took Erika to work her way through the course and land her first client
17:14 – What Erika’s business looks like now
21:24 – How many clients Erika works with
22:18 – Pricing and packaging your online services
25:23 – How Erika has successfully landed clients
28:15 – The income report
30:24 – How many hours Erika actually works
31:13 – Productivity tips
35:47 – A big win for Erika
39:44 – Erika’s one piece of advice

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