Holly Hanna: The Opportunities Are Endless

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful freelance writer, Holly Hanna.

Holly is the publisher and creator of the award-winning website, The Work at Home Woman, which helps women (and men) find remote careers and businesses that feed their souls.

She is frequently quoted and interviewed in top media outlets like CNN, MSN Money, Huffington Post and Woman’s Day magazine. Forbes also recognized the Work at Home Woman as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women.”

Holly graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Cultural Anthropology, and then later obtained an AD in nursing. She resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband and daughter and enjoys reading, traveling and yoga.

Why should YOU tune-in?

How do you go from nursing to online entrepreneur, publisher and award-winning creative? Find out as another one of our guests shows us the way from discontentment to taking control over her income, schedule and life – all from the comfort of her own home (or anywhere that has an internet connection)!

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

1:26 – What Holly does for a living
5:20 – Investments Holly’s made in herself and her business
7:09 – How a course junkie prevents themselves from buying all of the courses
10:04 – What Holly’s team does for her business
11:21 – Some of the tasks Holly’s VA does on a regular basis
11:54 – Key tools the team uses
12:32 – How many pieces of new content are you adding on a weekly or monthly basis?
14:09 – Daily schedule and time-management processes
17:22 – How did you get started working online?
20:33 – The online business perspective
21:45 – How to be more confident in pitching potential clients
28:07 – What kind of industry was your first client in?
29:08 – Some changes in Holly’s business
32:27 – Holly’s big wins
34:58 – The work that goes into a valuable weekly newsletter
36:31 – Holly’s one piece of advice

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