James Schramko: Super Fast Business

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful online entrepreneur and business coach, James Schramko.

James is the author of a FABULOUS book, Work Less, Make More, a very effective coach to smart online business people (including myself!) and he used to be in charge of a Mercedes-Benz dealership, claiming the #1 salesperson slot in Australia.

Fun facts: James came in 2nd in the world titles for sailing in the 18 foot Skiff class AND used to be an actor!

Why should YOU tune-in?
From car dealer to ‘super’ entrepreneur, find out how James built his online business and incredible life. If you’re new to online business or already a seasoned vet., James has some SUPER valuable advice for you in this episode of Horkey HQ.

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

1:05 – James used to be an actor!
2:50 – How James explains his online business to people
3:25 – James shares his journey to the online world
15:54 – Don’t pull the trigger on leaving your current income stream too early
22:29 – You don’t have to take a pay cut
26:03 – The Effective Hourly Rate
27:32 – How James got to where he is now
28:29 – 30 Day Challenge
33:49 – James’ business partnerships
38:47 – Advice
42:10 – Deconstructing lies we all believe to achieve the life you want
45:32 – Gina’s personal question for James

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