Jason Resnick: The New American Dream

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful online business owner, Jason Resnick.

Jason helps established online businesses get more customers and turn them into repeat clients and raving fans so they can kick off 5- and 6-figure launches and drive revenue through evergreen sales. He does this by helping them build a strategy and implement behavioral marketing through automation, email marketing and on-site personalization with NurtureKit.

Jason also helps web developers and designers live a life by design through coaching and community so they can specialize their businesses and build recurring revenue. He does this using a framework to discover one’s ideal clients, establish their value and understand how to market to them.

The result? A solid plan to move forward and build recurring revenue!

Fun Fact: Jason dated three girls (one is now his wife) who had the same birthday as their brother… how weird is that?!

Why should YOU tune-in?

Jason has always had the desire to be home with his family and have control over when he works and what kind of work he does. His dream? To have a family of his own and be present to see those first steps and hear those first words. Tune in to hear about his journey and his advice for those with their own dreams. 

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

2:10 – Explaining to friends and family what it is you do.
3:44 – The difference between a web designer and a web developer.
5:36 – Who are you typically taking on as clients and what type of work are you doing for them?
9:43 – The pandemic’s effect on Jason’s income.
19:45 – Providing the framework and opportunity for your children to become entrepreneurs.
24:20 – Was the entrepreneur lifestyle modeled to you by anyone?
28:46 – Exposing your children to humanitarian opportunities and different cultures.
35:00 – Jason’s schedule.
36:38 – The new American dream.
38:06 – The rock, the gambler and burnout.
38:46 – Just a generalist.
41:21 – Advice to someone who doesn’t have a supportive spouse.
46:35 – Success you didn’t think was possible.
50:24 – The biggest contribution to Jason’s success.
54:18 – Current goals and next steps.
56:30 – Jason’s one piece of advice.

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