Joe Dyton: The Fulfillment Factor

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful freelance writer, Joe Dyton.

Joe is the founder and president of Dyton Writing & Editing, a content creation and editing company. He’s been working as a full-time freelance writer since 2016, but Joe’s journalism career started in 1999 when he was hired as a part-time sports desk clerk. Joe eventually got to actually cover games and was promoted to a full-time position during his junior year of college! He’s stayed in writing jobs ever since.

Joe started freelance writing on the side in 2010. After picking up enough clients, he left the 9 to 5 behind in 2016 and is making a full-time income writing from the comfort of his own home. Some of Joe’s clients include Connected Real Estate Magazine, Student Loan Planner, Credit Karma and GEICO.

Fun fact: Joe is a McDonald’s Monopoly game-winner! Not a fake winner like the people featured in that “McMillions” documentary either. When he was in high school, Joe’s brother’s soda cup had an “instant winner” piece on it for a cruise. So, Joe, his parents and brother went.

Why should YOU tune-in?

From being trapped in the corporate grind to taking on passion projects and investing in himself, Joe takes us through the why and how he’s found success online. Tune-in to hear his awesome story!

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

2:10 – How Joe describes what he does for a living
5:50 – What types of clients Joe pitched initially
10:15 – Joe’s day looks a lot different as an online business owner
13:16 – The income differential between Joe’s corporate job and his first year working online
18:15 – Joe’s big vision for business
19:50 – Advice to someone new to online business
21:12 – Joe’s passion projects
26:00 – Why Joe didn’t invest time in his passions when he worked in corporate America
26:59 – How many hours does Joe work a week? What does his schedule look like?
28:00 – A big win for a Joe and his turning point
29:58 – Challenges that come with freelance writing
32:34 – Joe’s worst pay as a freelance writer
33:39 – Where Joe has found his best clients and how much time he spends finding new clients
38:30 – Joe has got some good questions for Gina
47:44 – Joe’s one piece of advice for those starting their freelance writing journey

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