Mallory Underwood: Focus on What You Have

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful virtual assistant turned agency owner, Mallory Underwood.

Mallory spent 12 years working in the nonprofit sector before pursuing her business, More You, full-time. More You is venturing into its third year and has transitioned from a solo virtual assistant practice to a team of five online business managers in an agency format. They’ve served over 20 businesses to-date.

Mallory is also a wife, mom to a little boy and girl, a strong believer in the power of human connection and a lover of culture with an insatiable wanderlust!

Fun fact: Mallory was born and raised in Michigan and met her Canadian husband in Western Australia. She’s visited more countries than she has fingers! And not only has Mallory lived in four other states before landing in Phoenix where she currently resides, but More You has served clients in four different countries (US, Canada, Australia and Uruguay)!

Why should YOU tune-in?
This go-getter mama started her online business not to get rich, but for the sake of freedom and flexibility. Mallory now has limitless business opportunities and the ability to travel the world without ever having to request time off.

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

1:41 – Explaining your online business to friends and family
2:27 – The difference between a virtual assistant and an online business manager
7:40 – Mallory’s role as VA Agency owner
10:45 – Managing client tools
14:07 – The dream client
16:21 – The first full month of income versus the highest income month as an agency
18:30 – Work/life balance
22:32 – Was there ever a moment when you wanted to go back to being an employee?
27:47 – What Mallory never anticipated when starting her business
30:40 – How to handle maternity leave
36:32 – What’s next for Mallory?
38:50 – Mallory’s one piece of advice

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