Natalie Matesic: The #FullyBooked Concert Junkie

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Show Notes:

This is the first episode of the NEW SEASON of the Horkey HQ episode after the birth of Hazel Mae Horkey!

We got the opportunity to chat with Natalie Matestic, a Virtual Assistant and a student of our #FullyBookedVA System!.

From renowned influencers to amazing business owners, Natalie has worked with a wide range of clients over the past 4+ years that she has been in business! She’s definitely an overachiever in that she started and ran her business while still at university!

Not letting the books slow her down, Natalie was able to take her business full-time and deliver unbelievable results to her clients’ businesses.

Fun Fact: Natalie is a concert junkie, which means she’s been to over 100 concerts! She’s also obsessed with everything 70s and Cher.


Why should YOU tune-in?

Do you know what it takes to start and scale an online business? (Hint, it isn’t a master’s degree or a ton of money.) Natalie teaches a really valuable lesson that can only be learned by putting yourself out there for hire. She also received some really valuable 1-on-1 coaching from Gina that will help anyone pursuing success online.

Time Stamp:

2:05 – Natalie’s favorite concerts
3:32 – How and why Natalie got into the online business
5:33 – How much Natalie charged versus how much she charges now
8:33 – From full-time work to being a #FullyBooked business owner
11:44 – The details about how Natalie found her clients
18:01 – Gina coaches on Client Retention
27:51 – Gina coaches on how to continue marketing even when your client roster is full
37:10 – Gina coaches on scaling your Virtual Assistant business
39:06 – Natalie’s one piece of advice

Links and Resources mentioned:

You can find Natalie on her Website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The #FullyBookedVA System