Shannon Mattern: Mondays and Mornings Are Mine

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful online business owner, Shannon Mattern.

Shannon teaches entrepreneurs how to DIY their websites and market themselves online (even if they have zero social media following and no budget for ads).

She’s the host of the Pep Talks for Side Hustlers podcast where she shares her own side-hustle to self-employed journey through her monthly income reports, and interviews entrepreneurs making from $50K to multiple millions of dollars to find out exactly how they did it.

Shannon’s mission is to empower people who want the freedom, flexibility and financial independence by removing the tech barriers holding them back from building their businesses online.

Why should YOU tune-in?

Learning to overcome imposter syndrome and self-limiting beliefs are things everyone faces when starting and growing an online business. Shannon redefined what success looked like for herself and after just 5 years is making $17,000 per month! But her biggest transformation happened in the past 18 months – tune in to find out the one thing that attributed to her exponential growth.

What we’re talking about:
Minute-by-minute breakdown:

1.17 – Shannon isn’t boring!
2:23 – Pandemic positivity, lifestyle independence and new opportunities
3:35 – How Shannon explains to friends and family what she does for a living
4:50 – Are we late to the game?
6:12 – Professor Horkey and all of the possibilities
8:13 – Shannon’s favorite part about working from home
9:18 – Gina’s schedule
9:48 – Shannon’s schedule
10:16 – Shannon speaks on mindset
10:36 – How to handle tasks that you would normally procrastinate
11:04 – Imposter syndrome
13:57 – Pitching and redefining success
15:11 – On sending video pitches
16:00 – “Mondays and mornings are mine!”
17:52 – Why Shannon would normally be freaking out… but isn’t!
20:02 – How Shannon would start over if she had all of the knowledge but none of the clients
21:40 – Aha moments (“Oh, wait, I’m not an employee!”)
23:54 – All about contingency plans
26:22 – Affiliate commissions, email marketing and webinars
30:20 – Income goes up when your confidence does!
34:42 – Getting help and the one change that worked for Shannon
35:02 – The most valuable part of investing in coaching
38:01 – Would you invest in a $10,000 coaching program?
39:20 – What the future looks like for Shannon
41:07 – The one piece of advice Shannon wants to leave you with (it’s good!)

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