Stephanie Hayes: Build a Business That You Love

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful strategic business coach, Stephanie Hayes.

Stephanie has been working with successful entrepreneurs and small businesses for over 20 years, and her focus is on helping them figure out what’s next when the path isn’t exactly clear. Stephanie helps create a business model that works and a plan to get to the next level of growth so business owners can become more profitable and do the work they really want to do.

Why should YOU tune-in?

Stephanie and I have some very exciting news that we’ve been anxiously waiting to reveal – there are some BIG changes happening here at Horkey HandBook. Tune-in to get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s coming in 2021!

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

1:13 – This podcast episode is a little special
1:42 – What’s next for Gina: The evolution of the VA industry
3:40 – Gina’s journey and the evolution of her online business
5:33 – No one starts with a master plan… Get started before you’re ready
9:55 – Multi-passionate entrepreneur and specialist
14:37 – Trusting your gut with what’s right for you
17:52 – Going from no tech to the most tech savvy
23:57 – How Gina met Stephanie
25:36 – How Stephanie is helping Gina become the leader of the VA industry
28:42 – Remote work is now the norm
34:25 – How people begin the online business journey
36:01 – #FullyBookedVA leads and updates
41:54 – Final exam and certification
42:38 – Skills courses
43:28 – What about freelance writing?
44:43 – Lead tracks
47:19 – MORE LEADS
51:21 – Specialization tracks and scaling
55:42 – There isn’t anything else out there like The #FullyBookedVA System
58:26 – Sharing what does and doesn’t work from experienced online entrepreneurs

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