Tara Reid: The Introverted Entrepreneur

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Show Notes:

Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful virtual assistant and online entrepreneur, Tara Reid.

Tara first launched in the online business world in 2007 as a handmade jewelry artist and grew that business to a 6-figure brand. Through her love of marketing and helping others, she naturally transitioned to being a virtual assistant supporting other entrepreneurs taking their businesses to the next level. These days Tara is a full-time Pinterest Manager for dozens of clients!

Fun Fact: Tara is TERRIFIED of frogs!

Why should YOU tune-in?

Have you ever heard of an introverted entrepreneur? They’re definitely out there! And this one has made her own way in the online world doing what she loves doing. Who says that entrepreneurs need to be socialites?

What we’re talking about:
Time Stamp:

1:49 – How Tara explains to friends and family what it is that she does for a living
3:20 – Tara’s first step into the career world
7:53 – How Tara sold her online jewelry business
10:35 – Getting started with VA services
11:52 – Different kinds of work and habits that contribute to burnout
13:11 – The pros, cons and learning experiences of growing a team
15:46 – Tara’s other business pivot: developing graphic design templates for social media
17:58 – Landing that first client
19:18 – Developing an audience
20:52 – Finding more clients and constructing your pitches
24:00 – What did Tara do with all the money she made selling her jewelry business?
25:16 – Tara’s income report
27:11 – What’s next for Tara?
28:28 – Tara’s one piece of advice

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