Taylor Hakala: Small Actions

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Show Notes:

We got the opportunity to chat with Taylor, a Virtual Assistant and a student of our #FullyBookedVA System!

Taylor is a licensed nurse and holistic health and mental health advocate. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential and has helped multiple women grow their businesses through social media and administration.

Fun Fact: Taylor has a red-haired Doberman that matches her red hair!

Why should YOU tune-in?
Are you brand new to online business and virtual assistance? In this episode, Gina coaches Taylor on how to look for the right type of client and how to pitch them with little to no experience. If you’re just getting started or have been frustrated with pitching and landing clients, this episode is for you.

Time Stamp:

4:09 – Taylor’s services and Gina’s prospecting strategy
13:40 – How to sell yourself and have a good time
19:47 – Types of clients and how to land them with no experience
30:02 – The one thing you need so that the rest will grow with you

Links and Resources mentioned:

You can find Taylor on LinkedIn.
The #FullyBookedVA System